Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have a new BC chess blog!

Dear chess friends:

I have a new BC chess blog. It is called "Wood Sense" after the Celtic chess-like game "gwyddbwyll". Just click on the Title for this post.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So long, for now, to Manitoba

This blog, having served its purpose of getting me blogging about Manitoba chess, is coming to an end. I have moved to British Columbia and I don't feel that I ought to, in good conscience, use a Manitoba name for what would be a BC chess blog.

Best wishes to my Manitoba chess friends and check here if you are interested in a further chess blog that I might be working on. Until we meet again!

Nigel Hanrahan

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Women's World Chess Championship

Now here's an unexpected decision from an Appeals Committee. In the "Armaggedon" game between Pole Monica Socko and Romanian Sabina Foisor in the Women's World Chess Championship underway in Nalchik, the following position (or something very much like it) was arrived at ...

With White to move, and Black having just flagged, the Appeals Committee awarded the win ... to White!

Not enough mating material you say? Look again ...

Apparently, the rule for Armaggedon games is that if a mating position can be constructed (with worst possible play, in this case) against a player whose flag has fallen, then that player loses.

A king and knight versus a lone king would have been a draw. And in the circumstances of the match, a draw would mean that Black would have gone on to the next round.

Weird, eh?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Notable July chess activities in Canada

The Canadian Youth Chess Championships were just completed in Québec.

The Canadian Open Chess Championship is being hosted in Montréal from July 19 to July 27. The weblink at the FQE can be found over here. The only Manitoban I could find listed was Weixi Liu, in the under 2000 Section, although perhaps it is worth noting that former Manitoban Jack Yoos is playing in the Open Section against the big boys. The ChessTalk Discussion Board is reporting the results and pairings on a regular basis over here and here in English, and over here in French. MonRoi is also posting live games, results, and so on ... although I cannot vouch for a good connection and timely updates. Viewers need to set up an account, and some people have been having problems, but I think it should work fine. Here is a link to Monroi.

At the same time, the Chess Federation of Canada is having its Annual General Meeting from July 21 to July 22 (today and tomorrow) . Given recent events, tournament chess players in this country would be wise to follow the results of this meeting carefully. There will be, no doubt, sharp discussion on the respective boards. Here is a link to the CFC website.

NEWS FLASH: Larry Bevand of Chess and Math has noted the following for today's part of the meeting:

About 20 people present (which is a good turnout for this kind of thing). People present included former CFC President Maurice Smith (who chaired the meeting), Ken MacDonald who was the secretary for the occasion, Former CFC President Les Bunning and the Prez to be David Lavin.

The grass routes motion presented by Bob Armstrong and gang was declared out of order by the is expected to resurface tomorrow. There was heated discussion about the team captain for the women's team.

The FQSE is no longer the Quebec affiliate for the CFC.

Otherwise, the reports were read and the whole thing came to an end early (around noonish) which is a first! The incoming board meets tomorrow beginning at 9 am.
Bevand noted that "
I was not there so what I am giving you is based on what I was told."